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Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers

Experience the superior quality of our Professional T-Shirt Transfers with a Totally Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers. Immerse yourself in the world of DTF Transfers, meticulously crafted with our professional quality film and inks and designed for a variety of apparel. These are not just any transfers – they’re full color, and come ready to fit with a heat press. These are only available online, by signing up using the form below.

Key Features of Our Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers

Not your ordinary T-shirt transfer. Here’s why:

  • Full-Color Transfers: Unlike traditional transfers, ours come in full color, adding a vibrant touch to your T-shirts and apparel.
  • No Weeding Required: Forget about the tedious task of weeding. Our transfers come ready for application.
  • Specialty Finishes: With a rang of specialty finishes available we are sure to have the T Shirt Transfers that you are looking for, from foil to glow in the dark.
  • Heat Press Ready: These aren’t your typical iron-on transfers. They require a heat press, ensuring a professional and long lasting application.


Your free sample pack includes:

  • A selection of our transfers ready to fit onto Cotton T Shirts.
  • A selection of our transfers ready to fit onto Polyester T Shirts.
  • One of our transfers ready to fit onto a Cap or Hat
  • A selection of our specialty transfers, like our Glow in the Dark Transfers.
  • All transfers have a description that can easily be trimmed away.
  • Packed and shipped via Australia Post.
  • We only ship to Australian Postal Addresses, we do not offer international shipping at this current time.

Practical Applications of the Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers

Imagine this – you’re about to launch your own clothing line, but you’re unsure about the quality of transfers, and who to use. You sign up for our newsletter and receive our Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers. With our samples, you create stunning prototypes showing your perspective customers the quality of your future garments, that leave everyone in awe. Or picture yourself running a charity event where T-shirts play a big part. You are unsure about how to start, with our transfers, you quickly fit the free transfers to a T-shirts and fully understand how the process works.

All transfers digitally printed onto our Professional, Premium Quality DTF film, coated with adhesive, cured, and are ready to fit.

User Testimonials

Ever since I received my free sample pack, I’ve been hooked! The quality is simply unmatched, and my customers love it!“- Jane, Small Business Owner

The Free Sample Pack of Transfers was a game-changer for me, I have put my ciricut away and just use these transfers now. The T-shirts I have made were a hit!“- Alex, Event Organiser

Why Choose DTF Transfers Australia

The Free Sample Pack of DTF Transfers isn’t just about getting a freebie. It’s about experiencing quality, convenience, and versatility in a small package. Unlike other transfers, ours offer full color, no weeding, and a professional finish. Plus, you’ll get to be part of our monthly newsletter community, keeping you up to date with everything new in the world of DTF transfers. Get your hands on a sample pack, and let’s create something amazing together!

Variety of DTF transfers from the Free Sample Pack
A range of the Transfers that we can print
Budget Transfer included in Free Sample Pack





Colourful Panda


Cold Peel

King of the Dead

Gold Foil

Cold Peel

Monkey Art

Glow in the Dark

Cold Peel

Silver Back Ape

Silver Foil

Cold Peel

Tribal Turtle


Cold Peel

White Tiger


Cold Peel


Hot Peel

Hot Peel

Colourful Lion

Hot Peel

Hot Peel

Tropical Kombi

Hot Peel

Hot Peel

Rainbow Cat

Hot Peel

Hot Peel

Wolves Hat

New Gen Hot Peel

Hot Peel


Hybrid Film

Hot/Cold Peel


Hybrid Film

Hot/Cold Peel

Wolf and Sheild

Hot Peel Low Temp

Hot Peel

Fill in our sign up sheet below to join our mailing list, and receive a sample pack of DTF Transfers “FREE”

Please be aware we only provide one sample pack per customer.


Our Sample pack is supplied for your do do your own testing, it is important to do tests with your heat press as settings may vary between different heat presses.

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Please be aware that the Budget Transfer that was part of the past Packs are no longer supplied, and the Budget Stock is no longer available.

We supply these Transfers for you to do testing with as your heat presses may vary and need different setting to the ones supplied, Specialty Finishes are more difficult to fit and need a tighter tolerance. We take no responsibility for how you fit these, and for any damage that occurs when fitting them to garments.

If you are using a CirCut Easy Press to fit your transfers Only the Hot Peel Transfers are suitable.